Super Billy Ball is an Action-Platformer designed and programmed by KirbyFazbear98


Similar to Sonic the Hedgehog, you roll through each stage, bashing baddies, and finishing each stage quickly.

Characters and Voice ActorsEdit

Alpha - Voiced by Elric Timothy Atchison. A megalomaniac bent on world domination, he has sent out his mercenaries to find the 7 Power Coins

Billy - Voiced by Teen Dash. A fast-paced wannabe Hero who discovers Alphas plan thanks to a note a Primi dropped.

Primi - Voiced by Taren "Calico" Williams. One of many mercenaries of Alpha they are a common enemy in stages.


Alpha wants to take over the world, and to do so, he gets his henchmen, the Primis to find them. In Evergreen Glades Billy is found rolling around the area. He finds the Primis patrolling the area, so he goes up to find out what there doing. A Primi drops a note revealing Alphas plans to Billy. Now knowing his plans, Billy goes out and tries to find the 7 Power Coins before Alpha.

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