Maria is also a cousin of Mario and Luigi and Lugia's sister.She is the heroe from Super Maria Sisters.She likes to help people and she likes prince Plum.She wears red with a blue dress,red hat,blue eyes,two black ponytails,white gloves and brown shoes.Her enemy,Byaser,wants to kidnap prince Plum,but Maria always wins to save him,like Mario when he saves princess Peach.She is kind,heroic,beautiful,nice and adorable.

She is the second princess from Mushroom Kingdom and her sister Lugia is the princess from 1-up Kingdom.Her sister Lugia,when she sees a scary thing and scares,Maria helps her sometimes.She likes the red butterflies,red roses and the friendship.She likes so much to have more friends and to be the heroe from Leaf Kingdom where Plum is the prince in it.


In Super Maria Galaxy,she collected more starbits and coins and she had wonderfull powers by the Lumas,like in Super Mario Galaxy.And she safes Plum from the evilest character,Byaser.

In Maria Paper Sticker Star she used more stickers to defeat all the enemies and Byaser to save prince Plum.